Quality is guaranteed by international product certificates and type approvals.

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Oil & Gas

Upstream or downstream, the Oil and gas market consist of all interstate and intrastate natural gas, crude oil, and refined products pipelines.

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Power Stations

To control cooling circuits, to open and close inlets and outlets AFFCO is your partner.

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AFFCO supplies the valves you need to ensure safe, reliable and cost effective operations.

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AFFCO is your partner, well suited to supply the valves for demanding applications and extreme service.

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Water Treatment

AFFCO is completely aware of the many processes and applications in the Water Treatment industry.

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AFFCO high quality butterfly valves are wear resistant, vacuum proof and highly capable of handling chemicals.

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Building Utility and Cooling

AFFCO supplies a wide range of vulcanised butterfly valves for district cooling systems, buildings and swimming pool installations.

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